About us

The Apartments Pančevo are located in a private residential building in Pančevo. The building was constructed in 2012 specifically for the purpose of renting. Special attention was paid to the quality of building and to the sound and thermal insulation. The building is multi-storey with a lift reaching all apartments, of which there are seven in total. It is equipped with a modern security system consisting of security cameras and a main security door that is controlled remotely, while each apartment also has its own secure front door.

There is a private car park in the building yard, an area specially designed for securing bicycles and a small garden.

The building cellar is well arranged and includes a gym that is intended for the exclusive use by guests of the apartments.

The Apartments Pančevo contain modern equipment and are spacious and comfortable. Each apartment looks out towards two directions - east and west. They are fully equipped with furniture, household appliances, bed linen and kitchen dishes... ideal for family or group visits where safety and privacy is important.

The Apartments Pančevo are 500 m from the city centre of Pančevo, 6 km from the Industrial Zone in Pančevo, 15 km from the city centre of Belgrade and 36 km from the International Airport 'Nikola Tesla' in Belgrade.

About Pančevo

The city of Pančevo is located in the south of Vojvodina at the confluence of the Tamiš and Danube rivers. It is the capital city of the Republic of Serbia and is only 15 km from Belgrade. Pančevo represents the economic, cultural and administrative centre of South Banat and is one of the most important industrial centres of the Republic of Serbia. The Oil Refinery, Fertiliser Plant and Petrochemical Complex are situated in the Industrial Zone.